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MyPawPrints - Dog Keepsake, Activity Book and Album

MyPawPrints - Dog Keepsake, Activity Book and Album

🔥 50 activities and adventures to make memories with

💕 Keepsake for a lifetime

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50 Activities and Adventures To Get You Started

The memories you make with your dog should always be unforgettable which is why we started My Paw Prints. Pick an activity, snap and print photos and then write a journal entry.

This book is more than just an activity book. It's a place for you to create a keepsake and photo album.

✍ What is it?

My Paw Prints is a 3-in-one book for dog lovers and dog owners. It's an Activity guide, a Repository for treasured photographs, and a Heartfelt diary. We've curated over 50 activities and challenges ranging in difficulty levels for you to do with your furry friend.

Perfect as a puppy journal book (think baby books!) to start your new journey! 

🐕 3-in-one book - Keepsake, Journal and Album

Capture the unforgettable moments with your best friend. Embrace the joy of spontaneous or planned adventures with your canine companion. Document your experiences, and create a lasting testament to your unbreakable bond. 

💑 Who is it for?

For everyone who owns a dog (especially great if you have a new puppy!) or if you know someone who has one (it's a great gift!). We've also heard great feedback from scrapbookers! 


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"My fav new thing to help find fun things to do with my dog"

For dog lovers, dog owners and friends of dogs, it's great for any dog occasion!

After launching a successful Kickstarter, we are excited to present you My Paw Prints.

So what are you waiting for? Grab it today!

  • My Kids LOVE IT

    "I’ve already used a few pages (mostly the around the house stuff) but it’s sooo fun getting photos of the girls to also add into the book.

    I love the adventure book, it gives you things to do and then also memories for after
    I honestly don’t have any feedback as the book is absolutely amazing and I’m loving it"

  • It's my 2024 diary

    "We have started using this as a way of a 2024 dairy, trying to do a new adventure every week or so and filling up the book with memories"

  • Two birds, one stone

    "Since picking up My paw prints, me and my pup have been having a blast! It's full of cool ideas and fun stuff to do together. If you're looking for ways to have more fun with your furry friend, I totally recommend giving this book a try!"