Best Dog Parks In Adelaide: Top 5 Dog Parks

Best Dog Parks In Adelaide: Top 5 Dog Parks

We all know that Adelaide prides itself with a strong loving culture, especially with the wide open spaces it has. From beautiful off leash parks to dog friendly cafes, theres plenty of adventures for dogs in Adelaide. 

In this article, we’ll take a quick look at our top dog parks in Adelaide. Of course, these are OUR opinions but hopefully you’ll at least discover one you’ll love or even go explore with your dog. Let’s get to it: 

Adelaide Parklands around the city center:

dog park adelaide map


The most obvious one of them all. Adelaide Parklands covers over 760 hectares and has both areas where dogs can be off leash and on (please pay attention where your dog’s allowed to roam!). Some of the most popular dog-friendly sections include: 

  • Elder Park: Picturesque park with sprawling lawns, a beautiful rose garden, and even a spot to grab a coffee while your pup plays.
  • Victoria Park: Offers a mix of open fields, walking trails, and a lake, perfect for a scenic dog walk.
  • Parklands around Adelaide Botanic Garden: Enjoy a leisurely walk along the paths bordering the Botanic Garden, offering a serene escape in the heart of the city.

Definitely a unique experience and the walks themselves can take several days to explore so a perfect place to take your dog. 

Pityarilla Dog Park / Pelzer Park

A similar dog park compared to the Adelaide Parklands, this dog park is an enclosed one that has two separate sections, one for small and one for larger dogs. 

It has everything you need for your dog to run around with natural features like logs, rocks and plenty of turf. Most importantly, it has seating for you and plenty of shelter as well. 

Adelaide Brighton Community Dog Park:

This medium sized park in Birkenhead offers a really awesomely landscaped single park with a ton of unique vegetation, rocks and more. Perfect for energetic pups that want to run around and burn off some gas. 

Glengowrie: Hazelmere Road Reserve Dog Park

This park is one of the best in Adelaide. This is actually one of the ‘larger’ parks on this list (apart from Parklands) and has two sections, one for bigger and one for smaller dogs. 

Among this, it has facilities like toilets and shelters for you to chill in so bring a doggie date along and grab some rest whilst your dogs have some fun. 

North Adelaide Dog Park

This fully fenced dog park in Bragg Park / Ngampa Yarta is suitable for all dogs. This dog park also has two sections, one for smaller dogs and puppies and one for larger ones. 

What’s even cooler about this park are some of the obstacles in this one including doggy tunnels. 

This dog park is also night friendly, with lighting available in the small dog park up until 10pm.

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